Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza

I have yet to find someone who does not like pizza. Sure… some may not love it as much as others, but there’s a reason that, more often than not, when a group of people get together at someone’s house and they’re deciding what kind of food to order in, the choice is usually pizza. Why is this? Pizza, in my estimation, is the perfect food – with the dough as a canvas, you can create whatever culinary masterpiece you like. Are you a vegetarian? Load it up with some delicious grilled vegetables and/or fruit. Carnivore? Go ahead… pile on 5 five kinds of meat. Vegan? Substitute soy cheese for the dairy cheese, or leave it off all together. Pizza can be all things for all people. Remarkably, according to, 36 percent of all pizzas are ordered with pepperoni. As a result, we thought it appropriate for our first pizza review to look at that ‘classic’ – the pepperoni pizza. Specifically, the Brooklyn Style pepperoni pizza from Domino’s.

The Brooklyn Style differs from the regular Domino’s fare in that the crust is thinner and crispier (partly due to the liberal application of cornmeal on the crust’s bottom). The pizza was cut into six slices (which, considering this was a large pizza, made for some substantial slices). The beauty of a crust like this, along with the large slices, meant that the pieces were begging to be folded when they were eaten, which I found actually enhanced the taste (more on that to come), and kept the messiness to a minimum – this definitely boosted the Füd Factor. Also, at about $11 for a large pie, this pizza is a very good value

The pizza certainly looked appetizing, with the large, thin slices of pepperoni, and it didn’t disappoint. The pepperoni was crispy, with a good amount of spice. The sauce provided a good mix of sweet and heat – there was just enough to keep ‘food pyros’ happy, while Rob mentioned to me that his kids didn’t find the pizza at all too hot. As for the aforementioned benefit of being able to fold the crust while eating, I found that in addition to less messy eating (folding keeps the sauce and toppings on the inside), it actually boosted the flavor of the Brooklyn Style pizza by delaying the onset of the sauce spiciness – this allowed me to separate out the tastes of the crust, sauce, and pepperoni, which was a nice little bonus.

Conclusion: 4 STARS when it comes to going out for/taking out/ordering in pizza, I usually choose to buy from one of my local, neighborhood joints – I usually find the pie from these places to be preferable to the offerings from the ‘big boys’. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Brooklyn Style pizza – it was very good, and I’d definitely recommend it. I believe my new mantra, with apologies to the ‘Dos Equis Guy’, will be “I don’t always order pizza from the big chains, but when I do, I prefer the Brooklyn Style from Domino’s.”

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