Wendy’s Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt

OK.  First thing’s first.  I used to be addicted the the Bacon Mushroom Melt at Wendy’s.  I remember a time around 10 or 12 years ago when I first tasted it. LOVED IT.  I heard that it was a limited time special so I think I went back and ate it about 10 times over that month. Thankfully there was no MyFitnessPal at the time to lay the guilt on me.  Fastforward a decade and Wendy’s has just released the Bacon Mushroom Melt. However, this time, they stuck the word Portabella in there.  WHAT!? Were they tinkering with a vertitable masterpiece? It has been a while since I had the “old”, so I thought it was about time to try the new one.

In terms of price, we are looking at middle of the road. It certainly isn’t inexpensive, but it isn’t at the top end of price either. This is slated right in the middle of the Wendy’s burger pricing categories. I am a fan of the taste of this burger, so a 50% mark of value is bumped up a bit as I think you get a little better than average taste for the value. A small drink and fries combo came to $8.22. That isn’t stretching your füd dollar, but it does fall in the average category in today’s market (remember when the average price bracket was $5?!).

As for Füd Factor, again we are a little above average. Good overall packaging, good ingredients, nicely proportioned. It doesn’t look gourmet, but then again, calling on it’s old commericals, it doesn’t look like it has been living on the heat rack all day. The part that hold this back from getting a higher score is that the cheese sauce (god love it), is messy. So expect to make a little mess or take your time and be careful while eating. I love to grab a burger in the car on my way to or from a meeting or errand and this will not be my first choice to eat on the go. Too risky.

And as for taste, this was a very solid 4.5 stars. I almost caved in and gave it 5. Had I been writing this review a decade ago, it would have been a 5. This isn’t to say that it was better then. I actually like it more now. However, one of its strengths may also knock it down a peg. The burger features a quarter pound beef patty, two slices of cheese, thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon, smothered with portabella mushrooms in a cheddar cheese sauce. Since the original Bacon Mushroom Melt, Wendy’s has re-invented its bacon. This is a step up from the old. The same can be said about the Portabella mushrooms. At first taste, it certainly was different. In fact, I think my memory of the old burger was better. This new Portabella mushroom tasted different. More home grown and less canned. The mushrooms just tasted more authentic and less artificial. After finishing the whole sandwich, I think I realized that I liked this new one more. Which takes me to the cheese sauce. That is the “secret” ingredient that you either love or hate. I love it. However, recognizing the new and improved mushroom taste made me think that the cheese sauce, although good, is probably just a touch too artificial for my palette now. That was it. My favorite part of this burger in the past just knocked a half star off the score.

Conclusion: 3.5 STARS I love this burger. It still is a favorite of mine. Even though it only gets a 3.5 stars on our combined scale, I still give it a 4.5 for taste. I would just say that now it is a guilty pleasure. I will still order it again and again, although I am glad that it is a limited time offering. Knowing that it is only around for a short time, I have no problem having it multiple times in small window. If this was on the menu all the time, I am not so sure. *Nutrional Info is not available at the time of this review.

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  • Areoke says:

    I thought I was going to enjoy a nice juicy flavored burger at Wendys and it turned out to be one of the worst $7 combos i ever had, The burger looked like a 2 year old made it with tiny chopped mushrooms and a half cooked pattie. I wish Dave were really making the burgers cause I know he belives in good quality foods!
    The next time I want a good burger like the picture, I will go to Red Robbins…Yummm!

  • Brandyn P says:

    I tried this for the first time lastnight. I usually do not like the mushroom melt burgers offered by most fastfood joints and I don’t think I was a huge fan of the mushroom melt from Wendy’s years ago either. This one is pretty darn tasty! I had to get another one tonight and the highlight is definitely the mushrooms.

    Chalk me up as a fan of this one!